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How Can Homemaking Make Life Easier?

As we enter our golden years, many of our day-to-day tasks and activities can begin to take their toll on us. Over time, our ability to handle many of our daily activities can diminish. This is because as we age, our energy levels decrease, we lose our strength, and we are just simply not as … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Proper Sleep Improves Your Health

Most people do not go to bed early. And many people are just not getting enough sleep. Work or school are often the reasons why individuals don’t get enough shut-eye. Others may say they simply cannot sleep. According to John Hopkins Medicine, sleep significantly impacts brain function as well as physical health. Symptoms of depression, … Continue reading

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Sandwich Caregiving

If you’re caring for your own children while also caring for aging parents (or another older adult), you’re considered part of the sandwich generation of caregivers. Currently, 15% of American’s are caregivers in this group. According to Today’s Caregiver, “the typical American Sandwich Generation caregiver is in her mid-forties, married, employed, and cares for her … Continue reading

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7 Healthy Habits to Adopt

Our health is our primary source of wealth. It is important that we always put our health first over anything or anyone else. Why? This is because we cannot help other people or do other productive things if we are not healthy. Reaching and maintaining optimal health is our doorway to achieving what we have … Continue reading

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